Patient & Family Engagement Getting Started Toolkit on Improving Health and Advancing Equity

Effectively advancing health equity requires dedicated efforts to generate and apply an evidence base that reflects the impacts of racial and gender discrimination and other intersecting structures of disadvantage

The Patient and Family Engagement (PFE) Getting Started Toolkit is designed to help health systems and care providers – and the organizations that support them – to fundamentally shift their cultures and practices to be more person-centered in ways that engage patients and their families, improve health, and advance equity. This toolkit includes resources to help advocate for and implement effective PFE strategies today.

This toolkit is part of a larger family of the Choosing Health Equity tools and resources that were designed to surface the numerous decision points that exist in the cycle of healthcare research, policy and practice — to disrupt standard processes in order to achieve a healthier, equitable, and just society.

Check out the resources to explore how you can choose health equity and learn more about digital health.


That section of the website is divided into these sections:

  • Learn about health equity
  • Learn about patient & family engagement
  • Learn about digital health


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