The Primary Care Consensus: A Comparison of Health System Transformation Proposals

The PCPCC's publication, "The Primary Care Consensus: A Comparison of Health System Transformation Proposals," presents a comprehensive review of five major public policy proposals and their implications for patient-centered primary care; including the Partnership for Sustainable Health Care, The Brookings Institution, Bipartisan Policy Center, Center for American Progress, and The Commonwealth Fund.

Our analysis reveals an unwavering consensus across the health care marketplace and political spectrum that patient-centered, coordinated, team-based primary care is critical to achieving a high-value health care system. The proposals identify recommendations to support the alignment of major public policy priorities and private sector innovations, including:

  • Payment reform incentives for providers, consumers, employers, and states that reward shifts toward high-value, high-quality delivery models such as medical homes, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and integrated health systems.
  • New delivery models that maximize innovations in care, particularly for high-need, high-risk populations, and the further expansion of high-value models such as medical homes and ACOs.
  • Patient and consumer engagement strategies that incentivize consumers and patients to make high-value choices, and enable smarter choices through the availability of free tools, resources, and patient health data.
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