Proof in Practice

A Compilation of Medical Home Pilot and Demonstration Projects

Across the nation, dozens of patient centered medical homes are already organizing or operating at the local, regional and state levels. Proof in Practice serves as a collection of medical home pilot and demonstration projects throughout the United States. It provides progress reports for the initiatives, details of their structure, and achievements. These state-by-state reports are drawn from two surveys designed to gather the latest information about the structure and design of programs, but they also bring in new information about evaluation, data collection and consumer engagement efforts. This guide also includes a review of evidence regarding quality, costs, and access.

It is important to note that the list of pilots included in this Guide is not exhaustive and the print edition has not been updated since 2009. However, the PCPCC anticipates creating an interactive map of medical home initiatives, including state Medicaid programs and federal initiatives in 2013.

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