Reinventing Medicaid: State Innovations To Qualify And Pay For Patient-Centered Medical Homes Show Promising Results

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This article describes patient-centered medical home initiatives that seventeen states have launched. These initiatives use national recognition or state-based qualification standards along with incentive payments to address soaring costs and lagging health outcomes in state Medicaid programs. Even though these initiatives are in their infancy, early results are encouraging. Modest increases in payment to physicians, aligned with quality improvement standards, have not only resulted in promising trends for costs and quality, but have also greatly improved access to care. Several state programs have already demonstrated declines in per capita costs for patients enrolled in Medicaid; increased participation of physicians in caring for Medicaid patients; and high patient and provider satisfaction. These early results give states good reason to continue developing patient-centered medical homes as part of their Medicaid programs. This article provides a closer look at these innovative models, to inform public and private reform efforts.

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