Survey Of 5 European Countries Suggests That More Medical Home Elements Could Improve Primary Care


The patient-centered medical home is a US model for comprehensive care. This model features a personal physician or registered nurse who is augmented by a proactive team and information technology. Such a model could prove useful for advanced European systems as they strive to improve primary care, particularly for chronically ill patients. We surveyed 6,428 chronically ill patients and 152 primary care providers in five European countries to assess aspects of the patient-centered medical home. Although most patients reported that they had a personal physician and no problems in contacting the practice after hours, for example, other aspects of the patient-centered medical home, such as provision of written self-management support to patients, were not as widespread. We conclude that despite strong organizational structures, European primary care systems need additional efforts to recognize chronically ill patients as partners in care and can embrace patient-centered medical homes to improve care for European patients.

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