Vermont Blueprint for Health 2014 Annual Report

Outcomes summary: 

The difference in healthcare expenditures was driven by several factors including lower hospitalization rates and lower expenditures on pharmacy and specialty care. A composite measure of total utilization shows similar divergence between the participant and comparison groups, with the greatest separation from 2011 forward in concert with program expansion and maturation across the state. Emergency Department visits are one category of utilization that was not consistently better for participants. Despite lower expenditures, the results for measures of effective and preventive care were either better for participants or similar for both groups (cervical cancer screening, breast cancer screening, imaging studies for low back pain, and recommended assessments for patients with diabetes). Overall, similarly favorable patterns were observed in the pediatric population. 

Return on Investment:

In 2013, lower healthcare expenditures for participants offset the payments that insurers made for medical homes and community health teams (Table 3). The results for 2012 also showed similar savings. 

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