Shared Decision-Making

Increasing Uptake of Shared Decision-Making in Behavioral Health

PCC has a history of convening diverse stakeholders to collaborate on new approaches to advanced primary care. Behavioral health integration (BHI) and person/family-centered care are key priorities for the PCC, as articulated in our vision for primary care in the seven Shared Principles of Primary Care.

From July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021, PCC is carrying out a project titled Increasing Uptake of Shared Decision-Making in Behavioral Health. This project is funded by a Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award for Community Convening.

As part of this project, PCC hosted a roundtable of expert leaders from diverse stakeholder groups that leveraged our relationships in both behavioral health and primary care as well as our knowledge of how to engage patients and clinicians in shared decision-making (SDM).

Participants in the rountable:

Planning Committee

  • Ann Greiner, President and CEO | Primary Care Collaborative
  • Crystal Eubanks, Senior Director, Care Redesign | Purchaser Business Group on Health
  • Julie Bailey-Steeno, Director, Behavioral Health | Humana
  • Mary Giliberti, Executive Vice President of Policy | Mental Health America
  • Michelle Dirst, Director, Practice Management and Delivery Systems Policy | American Psychiatric Association
  • Rachel Adams, Director, Medical External Affairs | Takeda


  • Margarita Alegria, Chief, Disparities Research Unit | Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Allen Doederlein, Executive Director | Berwyn Township Community Mental Health
  • Anne Gaglioti, Associate Director of Research | Morehouse National Center for Primary Care
  • Stephen Gillaspy, Director, Health and Health Care |American Psychological Association
  • Shawn Griffin, President and CEO | URAC
  • Jane Kogan, Associate Chief Research and Translation Officer | UPMC Health
  • Jonathan Edwards, Board Member | National Association of Peer Supporters
  • Kathryn Cates-Wessel, CEO | American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry
  • Kathy Pham, Director, Policy and Professional Affairs | American College of Clinical Pharmacy
  • Louise Probst, Executive Director | St. Louis Area Business Coalition
  • Patty McCarthy, CEO | Faces and Voices of Recovery
  • Renée Markus Hodin, Deputy Director, Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation | Community Catalyst
  • Stephen Marder, Attending Psychiatrist and Researcher | UCLA’s Psychosis Clinic

Project lead staff

  • Alyssa Neumann, MPH, Program Coordinator | Primary Care Collaborative (formerly)

The roundtable identified barriers and enablers to SDM in behavioral health, including for vulnerable populations, in order to develop recommendations on how to increase its prevalence.

The group leveraged results from key PCORI studies such as “Shared Decision-Making Coaching for Behavioral Health Providers & Patients,” led by Dr. Margarita Algeria, who is participating in this project. In addition, this project is guided by the broader evidence base, PCC’s own work in SDM through a recent CMS grant, and input from key leaders including and beyond PCC’s existing behavioral health-primary care integration workgroup.

Read/download a PDF of the results of the roundtable, which are a set of four recommendations on increasing the uptake of shared decision-making in integrated behavioral health care.

PCC will disseminate and promote these recommendations widely. This includes hosting a public webinar to answer questions and increase understanding of the major identified themes and recommendations. This webinar, along with a lay conference summary and formal recommendations, will be disseminated through PCC member networks, and the findings will be highlighted at PCC’s 2021 annual conference.

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