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The PCC places a large emphasis on the collection and dissemination of evidence on multiple pieces of primary care. The medical home, care team, and payment models are just a few of the topics that PCC has effectively disseminated information about. PCC is committed to research driven, evidence based reform and prides itself on being a hub where patients, providers and payers can go to find high quality information on multiple primary care related topics. 


November 2015
Pediatrics | October 2015
JAMA Internal Medicine | September 2015
This study looks at how accountable care organizations (ACOs) improve healthcare efficiency by decreasing the provision of low-value care that provides minimal clinical benefits. It concluded that these type of risk-contracts may discourage use of low-value services and lead to more high-value care.
American Journal of Managed Care | September 2015
This study looks at the impact that the utilization of comprehensive care coordinators (CCCs) in primary care settings has on emergency department use. They found that CCCs effectively reduced ED use and could be used as a cost-effective and scalable method of care coordination.

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