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The PCC tracks publicly reported PCMH program evaluation and outcomes data published by commercial insurers, think-tanks, and independent evaluators. This page provides a list of news, resources, and webinars related to primary care and PCMH program evaluations published in industry reports. 


University of Minnesota School of Public Health | February 2016
Managed Healthcare Executive | February 2016
The Commonwealth Fund | December 2015
This resource explores how the relationship between community health workers (CHWs) and patients can improve care and lead to better outcomes. Community health workers are uniquely positioned in the context of their patients' lives which gives them valuable insights into how to best help their patients. Integrating community health workers into the care team and creating collaboration between clinicians and CHWs can help improve treatment adherence and health outcomes.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island | November 2015
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana | October 2015

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