Addressing Inequities with Whole-Person Primary Care Webinar

Health care leaders are increasingly calling for an approach to care that treats the “whole person”—inclusive of individuals’ mental health, behavioral and lifestyle factors, and their social and economic environment. Is such a model attainable? And can complementary treatments (such as managing stress and sleep, nutrition coaching, and practices like yoga and acupuncture) be incorporated into care for all patients, not just those who can afford them. This is a discussion of the evidence behind integrated care that includes drug-less approaches, lifestyle and self-care, and community services; how these interdisciplinary approaches can be successfully carried out in a range of care settings; and what a greater focus on whole-person health looks like for patients. Panelists will explore how advanced primary care can reorient away from treating sickness in a fragmented system and towards fostering greater well-being and health equity for all communities.

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