Collaboration and Practice Transformation in Residency Education

Webinar: Collaboration and Practice Transformation in Residency Education

The current fee-for-service model of primary care delivery in the United States is outdated and wreaking havoc on the foundation of our healthcare system. This model will be phased out over the next decade in favor of value-based reimbursement (among other changes). Residency programs, however, are often based on the old model of care and, consequently, are not prepared to train residents for the future models of care. In order to address this deficiency, residency-training collaboratives have been popping up around the country. These collaboratives have unique goals and objectives, but are generally sharing best practices, collecting data and outcomes on new training models, coordinating learning sessions, and supporting each other through the development of new curricula for primary care residents. 

Our April 2015 webinar featured members from different regional collaboratives across the country who’ve teamed up to create a “Collaborative of the Collaboratives”. This national collaborative has focused on integrating principles of the Patient-Centered Medical Home into residency training programs. Our discussion centered on the importance of practice transformation in residency training and their takeaways from using collaboration to make large-scale change in primary care training. The Primary Care Collaborative partnered with Primary Care Progress to host the webinar. 

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