How ACOs and Payers Can Support the Primary Care Safety Net

Medicare and Medicaid are embracing value-based payment for accountable care organizations (ACOs) and similar entities that organize care for specific populations. The CMS Framework for Health Equity is focused on engaging providers “who have not previously participated in value-based care.” What have we learned from the experiences of early-adopter safety net practices and systems that have joined or formed ACOs and similar networks or entities? Practice leaders and experts will discuss the supports, policies, and payment and organizational models that help safety net practices succeed in ACOs and similar entities.       

Background resources
Medicaid ACOs and Managed Care: A Tale of 2 States (Massachusetts & Minnesota) A case study approach to two early adopter states, with details on payment methodologies, ben 

CMMI's Strategic Objectives include "all new models will include patients from historically underserved populations and safety net providers, such as community health centers and disproportionate share hospitals." 

The Perils and Payoffs of Alternative Payment Models for Community Health Centers

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