From Regulation & Documentation to Transformation: The Planetree Framework for Patient-Centered Excellence

Long before patient-centered care became a centerpiece of health care reform efforts or a media buzz word, Planetree was defining what it means to be patient-centered. With more than three and a half decades of experience listening to patients and partnering with organizations to design and implement patient-centered approaches to care, the Planetree model provides, in concrete and actionable detail, a pathway for: 
  • Partnering more effectively with patients 
  • Engaging family members to improve quality, drive outcomes and foster continuity 
  • Creating workplaces that promote superior performance, and 
  • Redesigning organizational structures around the patient 
This webinar provided an overview of the theory behind the Planetree methodology and introduced the Patient-Centered Designation Program as a framework for accelerating patient-centered transformation and improving outcomes.
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