Webinar Recording Available! Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health

Mental Health conditions including mental illness, and substance abuse have become a prevalent issue in this country affecting at least 18% of US adults. Most behavioral health services begin in primary care settings, however traditional reimbursement models are poorly supportive of models that integrate Primary Care and Mental Health, which hinders physician care.   Dr. Bruce Landon, and Dr. Russell Phillips from Harvard Medical School offered their approaches which included two Medicare Payment models entitled the Collaborative Care Model, and the Care Behaviorist Model. Also, Dr. James Schuster of University of Pittsburg Medical Center gave an overview of the Behavioral Health Home Plus (BHHP) Model as well as outlined the programs outcomes in 39 different counties of Pennsylvania. Lastly, James Kingsland of the London-based Nation Association of Primary Care offered his reactions and raised thought provoking questions to the participating panelists. The webinar was moderated by Robert Dribbon, who represents Merck and is PCPCC’s Executive Member Liaison. 

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