Effective Partnerships for Enhancing Medication Safety and E-tool Use: Performance Metrics that Guide Patient-Centered Care

Tuesday Apr 25, 2017 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm EDT
United States

What activities "count" towards meeting the PFE Performance Metrics and how can you reach these goals without adding more to your plate? We've got answers! 

Join us for Part 2 in our series on PFE Performance Metrics as we present a comprehensive overview of Medication Management, Support for the Patient and Family Voice, and E-tools! This event is designed to help PTNs, clinicians, quality improvement staff, and other healthcare professionals better understand the PFE Metrics and its application in practice settings.

TCPI National Faculty member, Randy Fenninger and patient advisor, Bryant Campbell, will share their personal and professional experiences about how the patient and family voice strengthens approaches to medication management and patient adoption of e-tools. Practice exemplars, tools and resources will be highlighted!


Missed last month's presentation on patient activation, shared-decision making, and health literacy? Check it out here!


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