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Wednesday Feb 28, 2024 11:00 am EST
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*/ /*-->*/ Prioritizing Solutions Empowering Collaborative Primary Care with Ethical Use of AI 11:00 AM ET, February 28, 2024     Join us on February 28 for a discussion exploring how cutting-edge A.I. tools can be used to enhance quality of care, empower the relationship between patients and clinicians and reduce administrative burden. Register Panelists include: Thriving in a value-based landscape requires health care organizations to shift toward a holistic approach to care – one that’s tailored to the needs of each and every patient. Doing so at scale without sacrificing high quality standards requires equipping primary care teams with the most innovative tools available. Emerging A.I. tools can provide the infrastructure, data, and insights primary care teams need to effectively manage a patient’s care. But the use of A.I. has prompted important conversations about when and how using this technology is appropriately deployed. The discussion will center on how A.I. can be leveraged to provide evidence-based insights, reduce administrative burden, and streamline workflows for the care team – while enhancing the clinician-patient relationship that allows primary care to be successful. Our expert panel will discuss: Best Practices for navigating the key challenges facing the state of primary care in 2024, including physician burnout, clinical workflows, the transition to value-based models, and the impact on quality of care and physician wellbeing AI's real-world impact on quality of care, workflow efficiency and the administrative workload, including key findings from the AAF's new report on Navina's solution to demonstrate it's efficacy The need for responsible AI that enhances rather than replaces human decision-making and that is designed to be accountable, equitable, and aligned with the ethical standards of health care Practical strategies for implementing AI solutions in primary care settings and existing clinical workflows Register
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