Cigna Collaborative Care Program


Cigna Collaborative Care (previously called Collaborative Accountable Care) is Cigna's approach to accountable care organizations, or ACOs. An ACO is a variation on the patient-centered medical home model of health care that rewards primary care doctors for improved outcomes and lower medical costs. Care coordinators work closely with Cigna's case managers and help their patients access Cigna's clinical support programs, such as chronic condition management (diabetes, heart disease) and lifestyle management programs (weight, stress, tobacco).  

Cigna is now engaged in 100 collaborative accountable care initiatives in 28 states. These programs encompass more than 1.2 million commercial customers and more than 48,000 doctors, including more than 23,000 primary care physicians and 25,000 specialists. Cigna launched its first CAC program in 2008. 

Payment Model: 

Participating medical groups are rewarded through a pay for value structure if they meet targets for improving quality and lowering medical costs.

Last updated March 2015
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