Primary Care Spending: High Stakes, Low Investment

PCC Annual Evidence Report

In its broadest look yet at primary care spending, the PCC analyzes spending over time, nationally and in all 50 states, in this year’s research report. The report reveals some alarming trends.

Evidence Report Briefing

This video is a recording of Ann Kempski, lead author of the report, presenting its findings at the report’s release, which took place on December 2, 2020, as part of a PCC workshop on primary care investment at the state level.

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Primary Care Spending: High Stakes, Low Investment is the PCC’s annual research report for 2020. It shows that the U.S. health system’s investment in primary care, as measured by primary care spending, is low and declined between 2017 and 2019, both nationally and in a majority of states. The findings support a growing body of literature showing that health systems with a foundation of robust, comprehensive primary care achieve better, more equitable health outcomes and are less costly.

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Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides an overview of the 2020 PCC Evidence Report. This concise version summarizes the qualitative and quantitative findings.

Executive Summary




The Primary Care Collaborative thanks the following PCC board of directors’ organizations for their generosity. Their support made the 2020 Evidence Report possible.

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