Employers, purchasers, and health plans are actively attempting to find ways to decrease healthcare costs, and encourage customers to high value care options. The evidence shows that access to primary care is one of the keys to improving the quality of care. PCC works alongside many employers, health plans and purchasers to inform and educate on potential health plans that expand primary care access and team based care models. When paying for a large number of people, there is a unique responsibility and opportunity to advocate for high quality care and preventative care that will reduce overall costs. 


Primary Care Spending Results Deserve a Closer Look and Employers Are Making a Difference | September 2019
Comparing Three Ways to Prepare Children and Caregivers to Manage Asthma after an Emergency Room Visit | December 2018
January 2018
This resource acts as a guide for employers to promote high-value care. It encourages stronger relationships between patients and their primary care physicians, promotes transparency, and suggests supporting policies that strengthen primary care. All of this emphasizes the importance of primary care utilization in the realization of high-value care.
Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative | July 2017

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