State Innovation Model Testing Winning States

Payment and Delivery System Reform Analysis

The Department of Health and Human Services launched the State Innovation Model (SIM) Testing Awards, providing up to $300 million to support the development and testing of state-based models for multi-payer payment and health care delivery system transformation with the aim of improving health system performance for residents of participating states. The projects will be broad based and focus on people enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).Testing Awards to six states: Arkansas, Maine, Massachusetts*, Minnesota, Oregon, and Vermont. These grants, worth between $30 – $45 million for 3 to 4 years will support states’ work on multi-payer payment and delivery system reform.

The National Academy for State Health Policy put together this chart to look at how selected states are planning to reform their payment methods and delivery system approaches based on states’ proposals. It includes a comprehensive overview of plan details including:

  • Overview of Testing Models
  • Payment methods
  • Participants in Payment Innovation
  • Potential for Savings
  • Medical Home Requirements
  • Shared Community Resources
  • Performance Metrics
  • Data Sources
  • Alignment with Federal Initiatives
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