Patients and Families as Partners in Care Delivery Transformation

July National Briefing

July National Briefing: Patients and Families as Partners in Care Delivery

Patients, families and consumer advocates are the great untapped resource in our quest to achieve the Triple Aim of better health, better care and lower costs. Only patients and their families/caregivers live at the intersection of all aspects of the health care system, giving them unique experiences and insights to help improve care quality and outcomes while reducing health care costs.

A leader in the field of patient and family engagement, the National Partnership for Women & Families has worked to bring together patients and families with health professionals to form partnerships with the goal of achieving the Triple Aim. Representatives from the National Partnership joined the PCPCC during this webinar to to provide an overview of their work with various patient-centered delivery models and how their organization is helping to build partnerships to improve health care outcomes. 

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