PCC Webinar: Making the Call on the Best Use of Telehealth in Primary Care

At the beginning of the pandemic, telehealth use skyrocketed because clinicians and patients needed to be safe while providing and receiving needed care. Now, with many months of experience in heavy telehealth use, it’s worth taking stock of its profusion into primary care and evaluating which policies and practices make sense to continue in order to achieve the best health outcomes, advance efficiencies in care, and meet patient needs and preferences. This webinar examined ways primary care can prepare for a post-pandemic future and integrate telehealth into primary care practices in the right way. It looked at how telehealth can become a regular tool of primary care without fracturing it or weakening the clinician-patient relationship.


  • Chuck Ingoglia, MSW, President & CEO | National Council for Mental Wellbeing, and member of the NCQA, ATA and ACC Taskforce on Telehealth Policy
  • Steven J. Kravet, MD, MBA, President | Johns Hopkins Community Physicians
  • Beth R. Smolko, DMSc, MMS, PA-C, President | American Academy of PAs

Moderator: Christine Bechtel, Co-Founder | X4 Health

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