Webinar Recording: Optimizing Value and Patient Outcomes Through Comprehensive Medication Management

One of the greatest barriers to improving healthcare in the United States is utilizing medications in a manner that does not allow them to reach their full potential. Clinical pharmacists are an integral member of the healthcare team and play an important role in optimizing medication use and improving patient care. The expert panelists on this webinar discussed the importance of implementing Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) strategies to maximize patient outcomes.

Learning objectives: 

  1. Describe comprehensive medication management (CMM) and how it is delivered 
  2. Identify the key practice management and operational elements needed to successfully integrate CMM into primary care.
  3. Describe areas of alignment between CMM and value-based health care in the U.S.
  4. Illustrate how CMM contributes to achieving the “quadruple aim” (quality, cost, patient experience, and medical provider experience)
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