Working with Care Teams During Treatment

PCPCC Cancer Care Webinar Series

PCPCC Cancer Care Webinar Series: Working with Care Teams During Treatment

The PCPCC, in partnership with the American Cancer Society launched a three part webinar series in December 2013 that focuses on how patient-centered medical home providers and practices can support patient health and caregiver support after a cancer diagnosis, during treatment, and post-treatment. Expert speakers will discuss how to support patients throughout the care experience including initial diagnosis, active treatment and survivorship.

The project also includes a collection of helpful guides and checklists to encourage strong patient-provider communication and help identify the different roles and responsibilities of the primary care team and the oncology team.

Visit the project webpage.

This webinar focused on the relationship and partnership between patients, families, the medical home and oncology care team, as patients engage in ongoing cancer treatment. 

Additional Webinars

Working with Care Teams After Diagnosis 

Thursday, December 5th   Time: Noon - 1 PM ET 

Access slides here.

Working with Care Teams After Treatment 

Monday, December 16th   Time: Noon - 1 PM ET  

Register here.

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