Peer Reviewed Studies

The PCPCC has aggregated a growing list of PCMH program evaluation and outcomes data published in peer-reviewed journals. In addition to the outcomes captured on the map, the list of peer-reviewed studies below provides a more comprehensive look at PCMH data from the field (e.g. practice-level data, large scale evaluations not tied to an individual program). 

Title Source Date
Health Is Primary: Charting a Path to Equity and Sustainability October 2023
Access & Equity in Medicaid August 2023
Access & Equity in Medicaid August 2023
Relationships Matter: How Usual is Usual Source of (Primary) Care? November 2022
Primary Care and COVID-19: It’s Complicated—Leveraging Primary Care, Public Health, and Social Assets October 2021
Primary Care Spending: High Stakes, Low Investment December 2020
Investing in Primary Care: A State-Level Analysis July 2019
Behavioral Health Services in Primary Care American Psychological Association, Center for Psychology and Health September 2018
Advanced Primary Care: A Key Contributor to Successful ACOs August 2018
The Impact of Primary Care Practice Transformation on Cost, Quality, and Utilization Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative July 2017
Two-Year Costs and Quality in the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative New England Journal of Medicine April 2016
Care Continuity in a Patient-Centered Medical Home Setting RTI International February 2016
The Patient-Centered Medical Home and Associations With Health Care Quality and Utilization: A 5-Year Cohort Study Annals of Internal Medicine February 2016
The Patient-Centered Medical Home's Impact on Cost and Quality: Annual Review of Evidence, 2014-2015 Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative February 2016
Impact of the Rochester Medical Home Initiative on Primary Care Practices, Quality, Utilization, and Costs Medical Care November 2015
The Medical Home and Hospital Readmissions Pediatrics October 2015
A Difference-in-Difference Analysis of Changes in Quality, Utilization and Cost Following the Colorado Multi-Payer Patient-Centered Medical Home Pilot Journal of General Internal Medicine October 2015
Vermont's Community-Oriented All-Payer Medical Home Model Reduces Expenditures and Utilization While Delivering High-Quality Care Population Health Management September 2015
Changes in Low-Value Services in Year 1 of the Medicare Pioneer Accountable Care Organization Program JAMA Internal Medicine September 2015
Innovative Approach to Patient-Centered Care Coordination in Primary Care Practices American Journal of Managed Care September 2015
Implementation of Patient-Centered Medical Homes in Adult Primary Care Practices Medicare Care Research and Review August 2015
Integrated Medical-Behavioral Care Compared With Usual Primary Care for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health JAMA Pediatrics August 2015
Health Affairs Logo In California, Primary Care Continuity Was Associated With Reduced Emergency Department Use And Fewer Hospitalizations Health Affairs July 2015
Patient-Centered Teamwork in Care Transitions American Journal of Managed Care June 2015
Effects of a Medical Home and Shared Savings Intervention on Quality and Utilization of Care JAMA Internal Medicine June 2015
Impact of a patient-centered medical home on veterans’ experience of care American Journal of Managed Care June 2015
Association Between the Patient-Centered Medical Home and Healthcare Utilization American Journal of Managed Care May 2015
More Comprehensive Care Among Family Physicians is Associated with Lower Costs and Fewer Hospitalizations Annals of Family Medicine May 2015
Association of Pioneer Accountable Care Organizations vs Traditional Medicare Fee for Service With Spending, Utilization, and Patient Experience JAMA May 2015
Outcomes for Children with Chronic Conditions Associated with Parent- and Provider-reported Measures of the Medical Home Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved May 2015
Associations Between Practice-Reported Medical Homeness and Health Care Utilization Among Publicly Insured Children Academic Pediatrics April 2015
Health Affairs Logo Reduced Acute Inpatient Care Was Largest Savings Component Of Geisinger Health System’s Patient-Centered Medical Home Health Affairs April 2015
Health Affairs Logo Michigan’s Fee-For-Value Physician Incentive Program Reduces Spending And Improves Quality In Primary Care Health Affairs April 2015
Health Affairs Logo Care Coordination Program For Washington State Medicaid Enrollees Reduced Inpatient Hospital Costs Health Affairs April 2015
Measuring the Implementation and Effects of a Coordinated Care Model Featuring Diabetes Self-management Education Within Four Patient-Centered Medical Homes The Diabetes Educator March 2015
Effects of Primary Care Team Social Networks on Quality of Care and Costs for Patients With Cardiovascular Disease Annals of Family Medicine March 2015
Emergency Department and Inpatient Hospital Use by Medicare Beneficiaries in Patient-Centered Medical Homes Annals of Emergency Medicine March 2015
Early Changes in VA Medical Home Components and Utilization American Journal of Managed Care March 2015
Medical Homes: Cost Effects of Utilization by Chronically Ill Patients American Journal of Managed Care February 2015
A Multidisciplinary Intervention for Reducing Readmissions Among Older Adults in a Patient-Centered Medical Home American Journal of Managed Care February 2015
Patient-Centered Medical Home Implementation and Use of Preventive Services JAMA Internal Medicine February 2015
Experience of Primary Care among Homeless Individuals with Mental Health Conditions PLOS ONE February 2015
Medical homes: cost effects of utilization by chronically ill patients American Journal of Managed Care January 2015
Map Tools: PCMH Slide Presentations January 2015
The Patient-Centered Medical Home's Impact on Cost and Quality: Annual Review of Evidence, 2013-2014 Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative January 2015
Impact of an Integrated Transition Management Program in Primary Care on Hospital Readmissions Journal for Healthcare Quality January 2015
Health Affairs Logo Patient-Centered Medical Homes In Louisiana Had Minimal Impact On Medicaid Population’s Use Of Acute Care And Costs Health Affairs January 2015
Effect of an Enhanced Medical Home on Serious Illness and Cost of Care Among High-Risk Children With Chronic Illness JAMA December 2014
VHA Patient-Centered Medical Home Associated With Lower Rate of Hospitalizations and Specialty Care Among Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Journal of Health Care Quality November 2014
CPC State of the Initiative: The Convener’s Report Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative - Ohio/Kentucky November 2014
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