Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield Patient-Centered Medical Home Program

Program Location: 
Jonesboro, AR
Number of Practices: 
Payer Type: 
Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield

Reported Outcomes


In February 2011, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield announced seven practices chosen to participate in a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) pilot program.  In this two year pilot,  practices will adopt the key features of the PCMH and  will provide information for tracking their progress. This information will include measures of quality, access to care, and patient satisfaction. The initiative also focuses on using a team approach to ensure patients are cared for by the team member who can best meet their needs, including advanced practice nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and other health care professionals as well as their physician.  By using electronic health records (EHRs), all team members will have information needed to provide the best care. If successful, this pilot program may add other locations.

Payment Model: 

Care Coordination Payments: Per member per month (pmpm) payments made to participating Primary Care Physician practices. The payment amount is based on the number of members attributed through either member selection or the attribution processed outlined in the PCMH amendment.

Fewer ED / Hospital Visits: 

The length of hospital stays was 9 percent shorter

Improved Health: 

The number of patients who ended up back in the hospital dropped 28 percent, and 44 fewer patients had to go back to the hospital because of infection.

Cost Savings: 

There was a 2.5 percent decrease in the cost of the procedures

Last updated Marzo 2019
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