PCC Publications

PCC Annual Evidence Report
Ottobre 2023
Robust Primary Care is a Must
Agosto 2023
Robust Primary Care is a Must
Agosto 2023
A Report by the Primary Care Collaborative and the National Center for Primary Care at the Morehouse School of Medicine
Maggio 2022
New Paper on Ways Clinicians and Patients Can Work More Closely
Maggio 2021
A Report Highlighting the Mechanisms and Scope of Integration Efforts
Marzo 2021
PCC Annual Evidence Report
Dicembre 2020
PCPCC Annual Evidence Report
Luglio 2019
PCPCC Annual Evidence Report
Agosto 2018
Utilization of PCP evaluation and management services is declining
Gennaio 2018
New Evidence Shows Importance of Employer Investment in Patient-Centered Medical Homes
Marzo 2016
Support & Alignment Network for Patient, Caregiver and Community Engagement
Novembre 2015
Aligning & Engaging our Stakeholders to Drive Health System Transformation
Luglio 2015
Slide Deck 1: PCMH 101 - General Overview. Slide Deck 2: PCMH 201 - A Snapshot of the Evidence.
Gennaio 2015
Slide Deck 1: Why Integration is Critical. Slide Deck 2: Where & How Integration is Happening.
Settembre 2014
An Annual Update of the Evidence, 2012-2013
Gennaio 2014
Population Health Management in the Medical Neighborhood
Ottobre 2013
Using Technology to Connect Providers, Patients and Families
Luglio 2013
A Review of Cost & Quality Results, 2012
Settembre 2012
to Drive Better, More Cost Effective Care
Aprile 2012
Value Driving Elements of the Medical Home and Accountable Care
Marzo 2011
Marzo 2011
A Practical Guide to Medical Home Transformation Resources
Gennaio 2011
A Guide to Care Coordination in the Medical Home
Gennaio 2011
Medical Home and Diabetes Care
Gennaio 2011
Health IT in the Medical Home
Ottobre 2010
A Report from the PCPCC Payment Reform Task Force
Luglio 2010
Promoting Synergy Between Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID) and the Medical Home
Gennaio 2010
A Resource Guide for Using Health IT to Support the Patient Centered Medical Home
Gennaio 2009
A Compilation of Medical Home Pilot and Demonstration Projects
Gennaio 2009
Understanding the Model and Taking Action
Gennaio 2008
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