Oncology Medical Homes - COME HOME Program

Program Location: 
Albequerque, NM
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Innovative Oncology Business Solutions, Inc., representing 7 community oncology practices across the United States is receiving a CMS Health Care Innovation Award to implement and test a medical home model of care delivery for newly diagnosed or relapsed Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries and commercially insured patients with breast, lung, or colorectal cancer. Cancer care is complicated, expensive, and often fragmented, leading to suboptimal outcomes, high cost, and patient dissatisfaction with care. Through comprehensive outpatient oncology care, including patient education, team care, medication management, and 24/7 practice access and inpatient care coordination, the medical home model will improve the timelines and appropriateness of care, reduce unnecessary testing, and reduce avoidable emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Last updated Agosto 2014
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