Military Health System PCMH Initiative - Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Program Location: 
Bethesda, MD
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Reported Outcomes


The basic concepts and tenets of the integrated patient-centered medical home at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center includes Stable Primary Care Manager, Team Based Healthcare, Improved Access, Proactive Healthcare, Coordination with Medical and Surgical Specialists and Improved Communication and Information Systems. Medical Home patients have an entire team responsible for their healthcare which includes the Primary Care Manager, a Registered Nurse (RN), a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), and/or a Hospital Corpsman. This team works together to fulfill administrative requests, book appointments directly and provide additional medical services.

Fewer ED / Hospital Visits: 
  • 6.8% fewer ED visits
  • 4% fewer inpatient
  • 3% fewer specialty visits for chronic disease patients
Improved Patient/Clinician Satisfaction: 
  • 19% improvement in care continuity
  • Higher rate of satisfaction with office staff
  • More likely to have highest rates of patient activation 
  • Higher satisfaction with provider communication
Improved Access: 
  • 21% higher primary care use than comparison sites
  • Increase in telephone consults from 16% to 24%
  • Improvement in ability to schedule appointments 
  • 26% increase in primary care visits for patients with chronic conditions
  • 19% improvement in care continuity for patients with chronic conditions
Cost Savings: 
  • 11% ($83) lower for those with chronic conditions; 7% ($13) for those without
  • 9% reduction in overall costs
Increased Preventive Services: 
  • Increase in preventive services related to chronic disease management
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