Health and Housing 101: Understanding the Intersections

Mercoledì Maggio 11, 2016 01:00 pm to 02:30 pm EDT
Stati Uniti

In response to the growing national and local discourse about the connections between housing and health outcomes, we at Community Catalyst see a clear interest in identifying the role health policy advocates can play in protecting and expanding access to quality, affordable, appropriate housing for vulnerable populations. In addition to the demonstrable connections between housing and health outcomes, housing is a fundamental human right that is under threat in many communities. We know that many national, state and local organizations and advocates are working to address many of the housing issues that persist and affect a person’s health.

We see an opportunity to collaborate with stakeholders within the broader social justice movement to support health care advocates to engage in housing work and to bring housing advocates to the table who want to engage with the health sector. We acknowledge that the “healthy housing” field encompasses large swaths of policy and strategy that are beyond the current scope of our staff and many of our partners in the field.

This learning community call is the first in a series Community Catalyst is hosting to engage with national, regional, state and local partners who are working or want to start working in this health and housing space. It will feature:

The call will provide participants with an overview of key concepts, as well as current research and thinking in the areas of health and housing from both the clinical perspective as well as from the housing policy perspective. Participants will also learn more about future topics in this learning community series, which will feature health and housing advocates, national partners, and grassroots organizations.

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