PCPCC Statement on Draft Senate Health Care Bill

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The Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) advocates for high quality, affordable and patient-centered primary care for all.  We evaluate proposed changes to healthcare legislation against these goals.

Several provisions contained in the draft Senate bill do not appear to align with these aims. More specifically:

  • Capping of Medicaid payments and reductions in exchange subsidies will likely lead to reduced coverage for primary care and prevention among other services.
  • Allowing for more state flexibility as it relates to essential benefits could erode affordability and patient access to needed services, including screenings, maternity care, mental health services and more.
  • Getting rid of the individual mandate without an adequate replacement strategy will likely lead to fewer individuals enrolled in the exchanges and much higher costs for those who choose to continue with coverage because of their health needs. Research has demonstrated that when patients are faced with higher cost sharing, they forego care, especially primary and preventive care.

We are committed to continuing to work with Congress on changes to health care legislation that expand access to high performing primary care that is proven to improve overall quality and to reduce costs. We urge Congress to support this positive pathway as a priority for the health care system. 


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