Richard Hodach

Dr. Richard Hodach is the Chief Medical Officer of Phytel. Dr. Hodach has long been recognized as an advocate of integrating IT with the practice of medicine. Before joining Phytel, Dr. Hodach, a board-certified neurologist, was the senior vice president, chief medical officer at Matria Healthcare, where he provided strategic direction and clinical expertise in the development of evidence-based, patient-centric population health products. He also has served as medical director and vice president of Medical Affairs at Accordant, where he developed the medical concept and structure of Accordant’s patient-centric website and converted disease management programs into web-enabled disease management tools. He co-founded MED.I.A. (Media Interactive Applications), a company that designed, developed and produced medical interactive educational materials to be used by patients in their doctor’s office. Dr. Hodach has a PhD in Pathology and an MD with Board Certification in Neurology and Electrodiagnosis, as well as a Master’s Degree in Public Health.

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